According to legend, the area of forest was covered, the king (a variation, Vakhtang I Gorgasali ) while hunting deer ruling, Roe hot spring washed and healed from the hunters (the other options, the falcon with a pheasant, hot spring chatsvivnulan and gapupkulan ). Hot water from the medicinal properties of the favorable location the king was inspired and City gaushenebia. "S" - "warm" (c. Cyrillic "Tiflis") called the city because of the mineral springs. Later the groundsulfur baths were built. The space in the historic district - abanotubania.

Archaeological excavations demonstrate that the territory was settled as early as BC. Sec. IV millennium . The following are mentioned in ancient tsqaroseuli IV century II half of the places in the King Varazi-Bakur's time in prison was built. IV century at the end of the Persian official Tbilisi - pitiakhshis the residence. V century to the mid still be in the hands of the kings of Kartli. Vakhtang Gorgasali restored and rebuilt, so he is considered the founder of the city. Some historians claim that King Vakhtang (who reigned in the second half of the V century), in fact the city's recovery and reconstruction of the charge, the foundation instead.

VakhtangGorgasali heir Dachi I- was ujarmelma (VI's. Happy) from the city wall, fence construction, the city's boundaries expanded, and his father's will, according to the capital  from Mtskheta to Tbilisi.

Tbilisi's oldest population appeared sulfur sources at the station (now Gorgasali square momijne area) South-east of the city limited the task of the garden surroundings, north-east of the Kura River in the limits of the south-west - Tabor mountain slopes, north-west - Tsavkisistskali . IV century originated in the second district of Kala tsikhiturt, the city grew in Tbilisi and proper tin outside, the river upstream. The increase was due to its favorable geographical location. It was crossed by important trade routes in the East and the South Caucasus in Asia. Tbilisi gradually became the center of one of the Middle East. Military-strategic and economic interests of neighboring states have increased their interest in him. VI century begins the struggle for Tbilisi.

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